Bridgette Martin

Bridgette Martin’s artful journey began the moment she could hold a paintbrush. She remembers swooshing watercolorson the sliding glass doors of her childhood home in the Midwest, always fascinated with the light found in nature. The oldest of four daughters, Bridgette was blessed with a free-spirited mother and photographer father, who both encouraged their daughter’s whimsy. The family spent countless hours road tripping around the country, her fatherpulling the car over to take photos of scenes that inspired him. Bridgette adopted her father’s habit, gathering bits of culture and color from the landscapes filling the car windows. Today you can find Bridgette pulling off the side of the road to photograph the view, sketch it out and paint plein air.

Bridgette studied graphic design at the University of Cincinnati. Later, she interned in New York City and London before earning her master’s in Art Education from Syracuse University. Considering she didn’t receive formal art training in her youth, Bridgette spent the last 20 years pouring her soul into art education and art history, teaching hundreds of students each year.

These days, you can find her in her studio at Dilworth Artisan Station in the SouthEnd of Charlotte or pulled off the side of the road with her paints and easels capturing light she sees.


Coastal Collection 12_2023

Bliss, 37"x37", oil on canvas

CSD brid

Abundance, 37"x37", oil on canvas


New Horizons, 37"x37", oil on canvas


Low Tide, 37"h x 49"w, oil on canvas


Glow on the Marsh, 36"h x 48"w, mixed media on wood panel


IMG_8082 Ignite

Ignite, 48"x48", mixed media on canvas


Let Go, 36" x 36", mixed media on canvas